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Email Accounts

To access your KCTCS email account, go to:


KCTCS Student Email Help Page


KCTCS Student Email Brochure (Acrobat PDF)


Email Account Problems???

Click Here to send a help request to local MCTC email support staff.


Background Information

KCTCS provides an email system to facilitate student communications with the System, college, faculty, counselors and other students. KCTCS students across the Commonwealth have quick and easy access to grade reports, schedules, schedule changes, bills and billing changes via their KCTCS email account.  


In spring 2003, KCTCS began providing student email accounts at a cost of $6 per semester. This fee covers the administrative and security costs associated with email network.  The KCTCS email account is available to students any time, anywhere via any computer equipped with a Web browser.


Some students already have personal email accounts, and they wonder why they need another. Personal email accounts come and go, and many students don't have one at all. The KCTCS accounts will provide a consistent, reliable way to communicate across the System. 


The KCTCS student email system provides the following benefits:

  • It's universal … A recent study found that less than 25 percent of KCTCS students have private email accounts. Also, many providers of free-email service are cutting back on storage and services. Through universal student email, all students will be provided with access to a stable email account administered by KCTCS.
  • It's useful… The Microsoft Exchange email system, administered by the Governor's Office of Technology, is the same system used by KCTCS faculty and staff. It is fully functional, has large storage capacity, and includes access to a system-wide directory of KCTCS faculty, staff and students. The universal email addresses will allow KCTCS and the colleges to expand and enhance the practice of sharing grades and other information with students.

For more information …
To learn more about KCTCS student email service, contact the student services office or the leadership of your local college. Inquiries to the System Office should be sent to kctcs.webmaster(at)