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Student ID Policy

  1. All students will be issued a photo identification card. It may be used for student academic rights and security purposes, and as a library card.
  2. Students will be required to present proof of enrollment before card is issued with a copy of a studentís schedule or a letter of admission.
  3. Students will be notified by the Registrarís Office to have their photo id cards created at their campus library at Maysville, Licking Valley and Rowan campuses.
  4. The first id card is free. All replacements will cost $10 (KCTCS approved fee).
  5. Payments for replacements may be made at the Business Office at each campus. >
  6. Receipts will be issued by the Business Office to confirm payment prior to reissuing. Receipts will be given to students to take to the library as proof of payment.
  7. Students are instructed to keep their card with them at all times while on campus because they may be requested to present the photo id at any time by any MCTC employee for security or academic purposes.