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Faculty Promotion

KCTCS Promotion and Tenure Process
for Regular Full-Time Faculty

As stated in KCTCS Policy 2.1, Section, all regular full-time faculty are eligible for promotion.

Track Aó(Continuing/Continued/Term Contract Status): Full-time faculty at the rank of Instructor shall serve three (3) years at the rank of Instructor to be eligible for promotion to Assistant Professor. Faculty at the rank of Assistant Professor shall serve three (3) years at the rank of Assistant Professor to be eligible for the rank of Associate Professor. Faculty at the rank of Associate Professor shall serve six (6) years at the rank of Associate Professor to be eligible for promotion to the rank of Professor.

Track Bó(Tenure-Track/Tenure Status): An individual shall not remain as an Instructor for more than three (3) years. If after that period, promotion to a higher rank cannot be justified, the individualís appointment in the KCTC System shall not be renewed. Non-tenured appointments at the Assistant Professor or Associate Professor level shall not exceed seven years. Assistant Professors must either be promoted at the end of the probationary period or shall not have their appointments renewed.

The college president/ceo is responsible for initiating the promotion process by inviting a faculty member to prepare a portfolio. The authority to promote from Instructor/Librarian IV to Assistant Professor/Librarian III has been delegated to the college president/ceo as well as the promotion in rank (all ranks) of term contract faculty. In accordance with KCTCS Policy 2.6, Section, each college president/ceo must appoint a local committee to advise him or her concerning promotions. This committee is called the College Advisory Committee on Promotions (CACP).

Faculty hired after 2004 will use the KCTCS format. Others may choose this format. Former UK personnel and faculty hired in Community Colleges prior to 2004 may use the Community College format. Former KY TECH personnel and faculty hired in Technical Colleges prior to 2004 may use the Tech College format.

A typical annual timeline for those going up for promotion in a given year is shown below. These are subject to change from year to year.

May 31Letter of invitation from President sent to candidates
September Notify Presidentís Office of chosen format
JanuaryAnnual performance review for Promotion/Tenure candidates
January 30Promotion file due to Presidentís Office
FebruaryCollege Advisory Committee on Promotion (CACP) review
March 1Recommendations from CACP received by College President
March - 3rd week      Promotion Denials by College President received by Chancellor
March - 3rd weekRecommendations and Portfolios for System Review due in Chancellorís Office
May 1Letters for Local Promotions due in Chancellorís Office

For further information please review KCTCS Administrative Policies and Procedures at the following link:, contact your Division Chair, the Chair of the CACP, or Hope Rabe, Assistant to the President.

Table of Contents

I. Promotion Preparation Timeline

II. Promotion Review Timeline

III. KCTCS Promotion Formats

IV. Annual Timeline for Candidates

V. The Doís and Doníts of Promotion Portfolios

VI. Meet the CACP (College Advisory Committee on Promotions)

VII. Sample Portfolio (KCTCS Format)

VIII. Portfolio Checksheets

IX. Additional Resources